100 Events That Changed The World " BOW AND ARROW " NG .

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100 Events That Changed The World " BOW AND ARROW " NG


a. a momentous advancement that allowed early

',Men not only the safety of pursuing prey from
but also more accuracy and velocity than .eore_ The exact date of its invention is elusive time the earliest examples may have been made .2f perishable materials, such as wood. The bow
and arrow likely followed weaponry advances like the spear-thrower, the barbed harpoon, and the boomerang. The oldest specimens found are the Holmegaard bows dating to 9000 B.C., discovered in a peat bog in Denmark.
During the Neolithic period, which dates from about 7000 to 2000 B.c., this early missile was adapted to warfare. In England, the remains of hill forts dating back 5,400 years show evidence of sustained archery attacks including skeletons with embedded arrowheads. Neolithic cave paintings from Spain show bands of archers shooting at one another—indeed archery would be used in warfare for millennia.