AFLNET Addresses Your Interests

Hi! In this welcome post by the team at AFLNET, we want to tell you that in this incarnation of our blog, we have YOUR interests at heart. I’m not talking only about “interest” as in “interest rates” (since that seems to be in financial news media at the time of this writing), but also your human interests.

Primarily, we are interested in your well-being. Now, if that turns out to be a post addressing budgets or investments, so be it. But what about saving money or helping you figure out something else that may be going on in your life or home? No problem. Just either read the post, or skip over it, according to your interest.

That pretty much sums up the direction we’re going to be taking at this point! I know it seems a little vague, but when you’re looking at a blank slate, it’s not always to peer into the future to tell exactly what is going to show up here! We just hope you enjoy it.